Todd & Morgan Visits Italy And Gets Engaged

Disclaimer: I am an amateur portrait photographer. This is the first portrait session I’ve taken besides my husband. Constructive criticism is welcome. If you would like to use any of these photographs, please email me using the contact form found under the about tab. Thank you.

My brother-in-law is engaged!

My husband and I had the opportunity to watch and capture my brother-in-law (Todd) ask his girlfriend (Morgan) to marry him in a beautiful forest surrounded by a lake in Northeastern Italy.

My husband (George) and I have an ongoing game and it’s called “Who’s gonna?”. Okay, that’s not necessarily the name of the game, but I think it’s appropriate. It is essentially a game of question, wonder and answer. So, who’s going to be engaged next? Who’s getting married next? Graduate? Have children? You get the gist, right?

Well, George and I are either very good at guessing or we’re just lucky guessers.

I vividly remember sitting on our couch, about 6 months into living in a new country and starting to miss our families when we asked each other, “who’s visiting us first?”.

We guessed my parents would and Todd TOo.

Fast forward to spring break of this year and Todd visited us with his girlfriend, Morgan and two weeks later, my parents also visited.

I told you, we’re good at this.

Spring Break 2019

Todd and Morgan informed us around Thanksgiving that they will be visiting us in Italy during Spring Break. This would make them our first visitors since moving overseas and we were more than happy and excited to host them.

Prior to their vacation, I was in a group message with George and Todd where we planned out the proposal possibilities. We brainstormed Venice and islands surrounding Venice, on top of a mountain, at the lake and I mean, the possibilities were endless. But lo and behold, plans did not work out due to weather and George’s work schedule.

And… Did you know it rains a lot in Northeastern Italy in the Spring?

Regardless, we were able to watch and capture the sweet moment when my brother-in-law dropped down on one knee to ask Morgan to be his forever.

In December of 2016, Todd and Morgan watched me and my husband (boyfriend then) get engaged in Kansas (lol, definitely not Italy) and captured our moment perfectly. Therefore, it was up to us to return the favor. So, with each other’s help, we were able to capture their engagement. We hope you enjoy these pictures of their engagement in Northeastern Italy.

Todd and Morgan, thank you for entrusting us to take these pictures. We love you!

Lake Barcis Dam; the view from where Todd asked Morgan to marry him.

Lake Barcis Dam; the view from where Todd asked Morgan to marry him.


With love,



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