My Favorite TV Shows

Have you turned on your TV and opened Netflix or Hulu and spend a movie’s length finding something to watch or is it just me?

Anyway, I’m here to help you! I’ve put together 5 of my favorite TV shows to watch! But heads up, I tend to gravitate towards the heavy shows. If you enjoy light-hearted shows, look forward to an upcoming post of my husband’s favorite TV shows!
  1. NCIS

Navy Criminal Investigative Service (NCIS) is hands down one of my favorite TV shows ever, so it’s only natural for me to recommend this first. NCIS’ first episode aired in 2003 and is going on 16 years! If there’s a formula to this show, it’s Special Agents + Navy/Marines + Crimes (espionage, murder, terrorism, etc). I hope you get the gist!


I started watching NCIS because of my parents. My parents love crime shows, medical shows and food or home shows. I remember being a Computer Science major at the time and the first episode I ever watched was a hacking episode. Although it wasn’t accurate (the hacking part lol), I still became a fan. I’ve seen every single episode of the show and if you’re someone who enjoys solving mysteries with a dash of joking, this is show is for you.


2. Supernatural

Supernatural is a haunting/hunting series my husband convinced me to watch when we were first dating. I was not a fan of the idea (mostly because it’s scary) but he was so proud of the fact that the story began in Kansas (which is his hometown 😂). So I humored my boyfriend then (husband now) and watched Supernatural. The first few episodes of Supernatural definitely made me jump off my seat, but fear not — the more you watch, the less scary it becomes (because the storyline itself gets less scary!). I recommend watching this show from the very first episode because if you watch the show somewhere in the middle, you’ll end up confused.

3. Grey’s Anatomy

In another life, I would have been a doctor. Grey’s Anatomy is one of those shows that you just can’t stop once you’ve started. You just want to know what happened to the characters (who by the way are so good with their acting — tell you more later). Grey’s Anatomy is also a great introduction to medical terms and if you’re like me, you’re probably Googling as the show is playing. I highly recommend turning on the closed captions (CC) if you want to know the medical terminology (so you actually know what to Google!).

Okay, back to the character acting. Well, sorry to spoil how they are, but man, they are so good! Grey’s Anatomy is one of those shows where you either love or hate a character or vice versa time and time again. This show is definitely more on the heavy side (and because of the good acting) so expect some crying or anger for that matter lol.


4. Suits

Alright, let’s take a moment and admire the beautiful characters in this show. Then, let’s admire their intelligence. Like Grey’s Anatomy, Suits is a show I got hooked on because of the legal terminology. It’s totally mindless entertainment, but I can’t turn down learning a thing or two.

I initially found this show after I started reading about an actress turn Duchess. Seriously, I did not know who she was, then the tabloids mentioned how Markle was leaving Suits! So, naturally, I wanted to know more (and you guessed it) I turned to Netflix for further research instead of Google and totally got hooked ha.

If you enjoy Law, this is definitely a show for you!


5. Gossip Girl

I’ve saved my favorite re-run for last. Yup, Gossip Girl. Gossip Girl is about a blogger who receives anonymous tips from over privileged high school students. I know, childish. But, if you enjoy stories about the haves and have nots or simply want some fashion inspiration this is a good show for you!

Have you seen any of these? What’s your favorite show? I’m looking for new shows to watch too, so leave it in the comments below!

With love,
Chana Dianne

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