Best Amazon Finds Under $100

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SO. I have a confession. I have a problem and it involves Amazon.

Anyone else order (almost) everything from Amazon?

It’s been a little bit over a year since I was able to take advantage of the prime two-day shipping because we’ve been overseas, but another confession, I still use it for the “free” shipping part. I'm not about to pay $27 shipping for $50 worth of items (cough, Hobby Lobby 😒)

Today, I am sharing with you the best Amazon products under $100. I hope some of these products give you ideas on what to get your friends, family and even yourself next. I will also keep this blog post updated as much as I can!


Squat Pad // Barbell Sponge - This barbell pad is by far the best. It has a 5 star rating with over 950 reviews. I’ve used this mainly when working out legs. It does a great job protecting the neck during squats and hips during hip thrusts!

Resistance Bands - There are so many resistance bands available on Amazon. I personally love these because they are cloth instead of elastic. They are extremely sturdy and comes with 3 different resistance levels. Perfect for glute activation exercises!


Hammock with Stand - Hammocks are great, but we bought this hammock with stand because we don’t have trees at our house. These are extremely sturdy and easy to put together! My husband and I can fit in it together, but we’ve at least had about 4 people in it altogether for a picture! The best part? You can take it anywhere! Even to an area without trees!


Wine Rack - We currently live in Italy and storage is almost non-existent in homes. I started racking up a lot of wine from tours and we needed a place to store it all. This wine rack is absolutely great because it serves as a mini bar, but you can also hang wine glasses in it. It’s not the sturdiest wine rack, ever. But, if you follow instructions and put the heavier wine bottles at the very bottom, you should be good!


Felt Letter Board - This was such a craze all over social media and I wanted one. I love that I can put notes on it, Bible verses and quotes to keep us motivated and inspired. Plus, it’s just an easy decor addition to any space!


Mid Century Modern Chair with Wood Legs - I love this chair. I used it as an office chair in our old apartment, but now, it serves as a seating chair in our guest bedroom. It’s cute and chic. I wouldn’t say it’s the most comfortable seat to sit on for hours, but it’s definitely not as uncomfortable as you think either!

Clothing // Shoes

Tom’s Classic Women’s Shoes - I’ve always wanted Tom’s and I couldn’t bring myself to buy Tom’s in full price. These shoes are so comfortable that I stopped complaining when walking around!


Silicone Brush Cleaning Mat - I’ve seen everyone rave about this cleaning mat for makeup brushes all over YT & Insta and I just had to buy it. Before this, it would take a good solid 5 minutes to clean one brush, but lo and behold… I am here to tell you that this product works great!

Foot Massager Roller - Okay, here me out. My favorite type of massage is called Reflexology and this foot massager roller mimics it so well and it’s less than $10! The best investment to unknot my stress-filled shoulders (through my feet!).


Bagail 4-Pack Packing Cubes - I didn’t know I needed this until I got one. When I visited the States for about a month, I only took a carry-on with me. These packing cubes are great! It even comes with a laundry bag!

These are the Amazon products I truly enjoy. I wouldn’t recommend you anything that I don’t personally use. So, my question is… what are y’alls favorite Amazon products? I’d love to know!

With love,

Chana Dianne