Lake Como Picture Diary

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I feel like it is time to live up to the blog name and actually post pictures! So here I am with photographs from our little trip to Lake Como in late August. Lake Como is located in the Lombardy Region of Italy, actually near Milan. So, if you ever get a chance to visit, I hope you add Lake Como into your itinerary.

So, without further ado, here are pictures I took of Lake Como!
Boat access in Torno.

Boat access in Torno.

I highly recommend staying outside of Lake Como and Bellagio. The towns in between and across the lake are so charming and worth it. We stayed in Torno at an AirBnB owned by a Super Host.

Our AirBnB location was perfect. It was up the street from the bus stop and boat. It smelled amazing and included a lot of amenities and the design was modern. Our host was exceptional and absolutely friendly! I cannot recommend Torno enough. If you’d like a little discount at no extra cost to you, here’s an AirBnB code.


These pictures does not do the Lake Como area justice, but I truly did my best to capture it’s beauty! If you want to see more, visit my Instagram page: @stillsnseasons

With love,

Chana Dianne