Showcasing love in a beautiful Italian city.

Cory & Patsy are such a duo. They are down to earth with such adventurous souls. I had the opportunity to photograph their love in their city and you guys, let me just say -- as a landscape photographer turned into portrait, this was such a treat! Cory & Patsy know their city like the back of their hands and they've only lived in it for a little over a year. I've been to this city before, but I feel like I should have paid them for the tour because I had no idea about any of these locations until their session!

Let me just say that this session was a lot of fun! Cory and Patsy balance each other so well, but what I love most about these two is their willingness to jump over muddy puddles near an overflowing river or drunk walk in front of a church (hahah, don't worry -- they were sober). They are also the first couple I photographed since starting this business and I definitely felt the pressure, but all of that went away when our session started and I felt like I know them so much more when the session ended. I am pretty sure that's one of the most rewarding things about portraits!

To the couple:

Cory and Patsy, thank you for reaching out and asking me to photograph your love in your city! I know you were taking a risk because portraits wasn't even in my radar when you asked me to take your photos. I had so much fun with you two!

Much love,