Have you booked a session with me? If you have, you know exactly what I'm about to talk about.

It's funny how I grew up wanting to always pose or look in front of the camera, but ever since starting this photography journey I found that I'm all about organic, unposed and just creating a fun and relaxed environment for my couples. When you book a session with me, I will probably put you in a pose and prompt away! Here's what I'm talking about :)

1. Bear Hug

Bear hug! But, just not a bear hug. I love telling the men to whisper something sexy in their partner's ears. This has worked so well in the past and if you're a future client of mine, definitely expect this!

2. Hold hands and drunk walk towards me.

This one is particularly fun because it helps my couples relax. In the winter months, this is especially perfect when it's cold out because it gets them moving! I totally recommend you try this!

3. Dip Her, Twirl Her, Dance With Her!

This prompt literally either works out perfectly and sometimes not. When it doesn't, it usually makes everyone laugh, me included! I love making my couples dip! It's a trust exercise ;)

These are only a few of my favorite prompts that I use with my couples. I'd like to share more if this is something you enjoyed or learned from!

Hey photog, I highly recommend these prompts for more natural and unposed photos especially if you don't know where to start!

Hey future couple of mine, 10/10 these prompts will be used on your next session with me! So if you want photos like the ones above, I would love to take them! So, book your next session with me using the CONTACT PAGE.